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Embryonic Art

Embryonic Art one of the many homes of Indianapolis Indiana artist Morris Allen West II .

"Embryonic fluid style art, from birth to death. A reflection of dream and reality. Seeking knowledge of the ancient ones. When dream and reality overlap and WE becomes ME, it is clear that I am no more or less than a reflection of myself and others around me."

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Free art and music software

Indianapolis Indiana artist

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B $42.00 computer !!!

I'd really like to know what you think of the art so please email me with feedback. Thanks for dropping in! 

New Blender 3D work

NEW !!! Blender 3D Car

Blender 3D Bullets

Blender 3D Vault

Blender 3D Bot


Linux Ubuntu OS Desktop / gnome flashback session / cairo-dock !!!
Artist: M. Allen West Born 9-8-77 Location : Indianapolis Indiana